Grace Services


We provide the necessary for the proper and efficient running of the vessels under management.

Technical Management

Arrange for the vessels to be maintained in an excellent state of repair, as required for the purposes of Classification, in order to ensure compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations;
Arrange for and supervise the periodic maintenance, inspection, survey, drydocking and repair of the vessels under management;
Arrange for and supervise the construction of newbuilding vessels on behalf of Clients.

Operations Management

Arrange loading and discharging and other services, required in connection with the trading of the vessels under management;

Arrange for the supply of such victuals, spares, stores, bunkers and lubricants to the vessels as may be necessary for their safe and efficient operation and maintenance;

Arrange for the procurement and maintenance of a reasonable supply of usual and necessary spare parts.

Crew Management

Arrange, either directly or through a manning agent, for the employment of adequate and properly qualified crew (masters, officers, cadets and ratings);

Attend to all matters pertaining to discipline, wages and wage negotiations, labour relations, welfare and amenities of such crews.


Claims & Insurance Management

Arrange all insurances in connection with the vessels under management (including hull, machinery, freights, earnings and disbursements) against fire and usual marine and war risks;

Arrange for the entry of vessels under management in Protection & Indemnity, Defence and other such Associations;

Handle and settle all insurance, average, salvage and other claims in connection with the vessels;

Obtain legal advice in relation to disputes or other matters affecting the interests of our clients and the vessels under management.

Commercial Management

Seek and negotiate employment for the vessels and conclude voyage or time charters and/or other contract relating to the employment of the vessels;

Undertake specific work studies or other projects in connection with the vessels under management or other wise in relation to our clients’ business or any contemplated development of their business;

Upon request from our Clients, we may supervise the Sale and Purchase of vessels, including the performance of any sale or purchase agreement.